Panopset flywheel-web is a template list processor.

Use some of the example buttons, to get some ideas on how flywheel-web can be used. When writing your own templates, to solve your unique text processing problems, it is helpful to keep in mind the purpose of this utility is to make sure you never have to define anything more than once.

It is essentially a list driven template transformation. The template is applied to each line in the list.

Some of the key features include:



Because this is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), you may easily stand up your own flywheel-web server, and customize it.

Tech stack

flywheel-web is hosted on a DigitalOcean server, and built with these components:

other credits


Flywheel is the engine behind flywheel-web. For larger lists and templates, try fw itself, a JavaFX application that uses the same Flywheel project as its engine. For even more complex projects, you may call it directly from Java, and pass in a template file that also may refer to any number of list driven processes and/or calling other templates. There are examples in the Flywheel project JUnit tests.

Flywheel was first written back in 1994 or so, as an MPW tool. Switched to Java around 2002 maybe, and it spent most of its life as a Panopset Java app. Put on the web as a spring boot application in 2020, as flywheel-web.